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Agudath Israel of America

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Studying about Judaism

Alisa Flatow Fund

Scholoarship assistance ofr the study of Jewish Religion


Loving care of needy Israeli youngsters

Anti Defamation League

San Internet Guide Of Chabad Literature

Classic Songs, Chabad Niggunim, Etc.


Arutz 7 Live!

Live broadcasting of jewish music

Association of Jewish Libraries

Dedicated to supporting the Judaic resources and Library

Bet Modzitz

Bet Din

The community Bet Din

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Bitsela Artz

Commercial & Free Jewish Clip Art

Bnei Akiva

The world's largest Religious Zionist youth organization

Chicago Jewish Community

Congression B'nei Shaare Zion

Davka Torah Software


The Israel airline

Eretz Hemdah

Ezras Torah

Jewish orgqanization raising funds for needy families


Friends of Kishinev Jewry


A well organized list of Jewish online resources

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Israel Political Action Committee

Jerusalem Report

Jewish America

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Jewish Charities and Not For Profits

Jewish chats, Jewish media, Jewish religion...

Jewish community On-line's Internet Resources

Most useful website for the Torah, Judaism, the Holocaust...

Jewish Geneaology

Jewish Ring Home Page

All the information you need about the Jewish Ring

Jewish Teen Central

The only Teen Website run by a Jewish Teenager

JM in the Am

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Jewish Holiday Information


NY Jewish Week

Passages of Joy katzen-Guthrei

Excellent sites of Jewish interest


Project Genesis


The Jewish Network

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Chabad house of South Africa Telfed

Southern Poverty Law Center

The Jewish Children's Website Guide

This Website is designed to assist Jewish children in locating Websites of interest

The Wall

Topics from daf Yomi

"Remember the Shabbat and bless it..."


Classes on Chumash & Navi

Torah Mitzion

Torah Study Online

UAHC Department of Jewish Education

Resources of Jewish Educators & Teachers

Union of Councils for Soviet Jews

Russia today - A digest of stories from Russia

Untitled Normal Page

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Virtual Jewish University Online


The biggest Israeli search engine

Web Sites for Jewish Studies

The Princeton University Library website for Jewish Studies

Wiesenthal Center

Yeshiva University

Search for your relatieves

Orthodox Union. Kosher diretary laws

Contains listing of kosher medicine

Learn all about basics of Judaism here

Wonderful heartfelt teaching

Information of nearly 200 kosher restaurants in New York City

Live picture of the Wailing Wall

Over 15,000 links to all things Jewish

America's Jewish Bookstore

Detailed profiles with photos for singles

A site for Jewish singles to meet orders like them. Free membership

Ask a Rabbi on Jewish community online

The ultimate wedding link

The largest kosher wine list on the Internet

The premier kosher information source on the Internet

The ten sefirot of the kabbalah

Commercial and free Jewish clipart, graphics, and images

Jewish youth groups and organizations

Artistic rendition of the Hebrew letters

Browse and shop for benchers

Uniquely delicious chocolate

Where can I post my free Classifieds?

About kosher chicken

About Kosher Cooking

Kosher groceries to order - online

Manischewitz's site

Unique gifts

Organic fruits and vegetables

Kosher vitamins

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Chanukah related Judaica

Everything in one place for Judaica

Cool kids Judaica stuff

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Interesting Torah Center online

Stidu Torah online

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See a current live picture of a Western Wall

Worldwide kosher restaurant & dining guide

Service for Memorial Candlelighting

Jewish CD's, tapes and videos

Read an online newspaper

Read Jerusalem Post online

Read about kosher food industry

Chabad online

The Organized Kashrus Organization online

Read an online magazine on parenting

Passover tours

Caspi Silver manufactures

Hebrew Kosher Books


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