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Consumer Discount Club Policy: 

  • As a Dapey Assaf member, you are a part of our priority program. When you are in need of any service found in Dapey Assaf, simply inform the business you are contacting about your consumer discount card, and you will get first priority.

  • Customers must notify businesses that they were found in Dapey Assaf.

  • In a case of referrals by Dapey Assaf ‘s Referral Service, Information Hotline, or The Tourist Information Center, cardholders should verify that the business owner, or representative is aware of the referral.

  • The discount amount is to be defined by the business only. Each business has the right to change the discount amount from time to time, or to disregard the discount program totally.

  • To report any complaint about a business that participates with Dapey Assaf Discount Club, please call (800)261-2799.

  • Dapey Assaf is not responsible for any product or service, in any way to any business made by cardholders, and business providers.

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